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What is Energy Healing and Techniques Available?

Popular Energy Healing Techniques
and How Energy Healing Works

Popular energy healing techniques, and how energy healing works in relation to the principles of Quantum Physics is demystified below. Learn the science behind energy healing techniques, and nine popular energy healing techniques.

What is energy healing? Before I explain exactly what energy healing is and how energy healing works, it is important to remind you, the reader, of the following basic principle taught in elementary physics. The world is made up of atoms, molecules, microns, and many smaller, subatomic particles. These energy particles are in constant motion and are the essence of every animate and inanimate object. These animate and inanimate objects have an energy signature that can be measured by its specific vibratory rate. Every thing is in motion. Everything vibrates.
Energy medicine traditions around the world call this Universal energy vibration life force, Chi or Qi (pronounced the same "chee") in the Chinese traditions, Prana in the eastern Indian traditions, Ki in the Japanese traditions, Loong and Bla in the Tibetan traditions, and Mana in Polynesia.
This dynamic, vibrating energy field is present within our physical bodies, surrounding us with an aura of energy. This invisible field of energy is extends a few inches above the surface of the skin. Scientists can measure some aspects of this energy field, and some of its effects on some other systems. Current studies have shown that this energy filed shares many common attributes with electricity and magnetism.

The Health Benefits of Energy Healing Techniques (EHT) We live in an energy environment that is constantly shifting and moving. As physical beings we are an open system of energy. A healthy body thrives in this environment with a clean continuous flow of balanced energy. When there is a conflict with the environment around us (for example the food we eat, common day stressors from work or relationships, the quality of the air we breathe, etc.) a healthy energy system is able to release this excessive energy immediately. If the energy body is unhealthy it absorbs these energies.
Blockages and imbalances in the energy body often manifests as physical ailments, mental ailments, stress, and other emotional ailments, and even spiritual dis-ease.
Energy medicine provides an effective, non-invasive means to rebalance the mind, body and soul, thus allowing the energy body health, wholeness, healing, and balance.

How Does Energy Healing Work? There are many different modalities of Energy Healing Therapies and several popular energy healing techniques, all of which present basically the same healing philosophy - to clear or unblock stagnant energy within the physical and/or energy body.
The exact technique of how this is done differs with each modality. Some modalities "treat" the affected body part with direct touch by either working along the body’s meridians, some use the techniques which apply the process of vibration and resonance to the affected body part, while others do not touch the physical body at all but instead work on clearing out the auric layers of their client. Of course there are many other techniques I have not discussed in favor of keeping the above explanation brief. These will, however, be discussed in depth in the following introductory outline of eight of the most popular energy healing techniques or modalities.

Popular Energy Healing Techniques

Our First Pick of Popular Energy Healing Techniques: Jing-Qi-Shen®
Our first pick of the most popular energy healing techniques is Jing-Qi-Shen. Jing-Qi-Shen is named after the San Bao, or Three Treasures, common in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The English translation would be Essence-Energy-Spirit. Known and taught to my teacher as simply “Qi Hands, Qi Breath”, Jing-Qi-Shen combines elements of the Meridian System as found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy Healing, and Medical Intuition. Jing-Qi-Shen affects the auric, etheric, and physical layers of the body through intuitive projection of light, sound, chakra rebalancing, auric cleansing, direct and indirect touch, meridian work, and intuitive scanning of the body. It is also a deeply compassionate and peaceful healing art, teaching the practitioner the importance of moving aside personal ego in order to be a pure, loving conduit of Universal Healing Energy.
A typical healing session begins with a complete history from the client and a scan of both the client’s auric body and chakra system. A skilled JQS facilitator may also incorporate the use of medical intuition in order to help detect deficiencies and illnesses in the physical body.
The practitioner can then start the healing session once he or she has an idea of what or where the energy and/or physical disturbances in the body are located. The healing session begins from the outside inwards starting with clearing the auric layer, the chakras, the appropriate meridians, and the affected body part(s). Rhythmic breathing and the projection of sound and color are also incorporated by the practitioner into this effective integrative healing modality.
The session ends after the facilitator “seals” the client’s physical and auric layers which give the client’s a warm, relaxing, physical and mental state of mind (usually causing the client to drift off into a peaceful sleep). Sessions generally last from 45 minutes to and hour and-a-half.
JQS is a complete, effective, and loving healing modality that brings healing and wholeness to the client as well as the facilitator as a result of the continued unadulterated link to Universal Energy.
Jing-Qi-Shen Home Study Course

Our Second Pick of Popular Energy Healing Techniques:
Pranic Healing
Our second pick of the most popular energy healing techniques is Pranic Healing. Pranic Healing was "re-discovered" by Choa Kok Sui who spent many decades researching and studying this ancient Indian healing technique. Pranic Healing like many other of the healing modalities is a distillation of some of the most effective healing methods, Tibetan Healing Arts, Chinese Qi Gong, Reiki, Laying on of Hands, and more.
Prana is life-breath or life-force which is readily available from the elements: sun, air, and earth. It is described as the animating force that sustains life. The goal of Pranic Healing is o correct imbalances in the energy field of the body. Stagnant etheric matter affects the natural flow of energy through the normal subtle energy channels of the chakra's and meridians, Through proper use of visualization and breathing techniques the Pranic Healer rebalances a person's physical, mental and emotional health 'without touch' by sending appropriate energy frequencies to the appropriate areas of the body.

Tip Link: How to Perform Pranic Breathing

The normal healing session takes place after the Pranic Healer assesses the client's energy field. This is done by scanning the aura to detect imbalances or abnormalities.
Next, the healer cleanses area by removing the stagnant energies from the affected energy centers and problematic organs or physical extremities which are causing the client discomfort.
Finally, the Pranic Healer energizes the cleansed area with fresh prana from his or her own energy centers.
Pranic Healing is effective for removing fevers, gastro-intestinal problems, heart, kidney and liver ailments, headaches, and a variety of other illnesses and ailments. In many case relief can be found after a few sessions, and healing in most cases from a few sessions to a few months.

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Our Third Pick of Popular Energy Healing Techniques:
Reiki is our third pick of the most popular energy healing techniques. Traditional Reiki had its formal beginnings in the mid-1800. The founder, Mikao Usui was searching for the healing techniques of the Buddha and Jesus. Usui’s search led him throughout the world to places such as the United States of America, China, Tibet, and India. Usui’s answers in regard to his quest came from ancient Tibetan teachings which described the healing formula he was seeking; however, the manuscript did not reveal how to activate the healing source. Seeking wisdom Usui fasted and meditated for 21 days. On the 21st day Usui experienced what he described as a beam of light from the heaven’s which psychically attuned him to Universal Energy.
The word “Rei” means “Divine Source” and the word “ki” means energy. Thus Reiki can be translated as energy from the divine source. As with other energy healing modalities, the healing energy of Reiki is believed to be from the Source of life itself (Goddess, God, Creator, The One, or whatever term you prefer).
The goal of Reiki healing is to send or channel ki by connecting Universal life healing from the Divine energy source to the client. Reiki practitoners use a set pattern of hand positions during the healing session combined with Japanese or Tibetan symbols (drawn by hand motions in the air). These symbols are said to enhance the healing power and came be used in both direct hands-on-healing sessions or for distance healing.
A Reiki practitioner, during his or her preparatory healing receives attunements. This sets Reiki apart from other healing systems. These attunements must be passed from Master to student. The attunements provide a direct link with the source of Universal Ki. There are three levels in this healing modality, each of which requires an attunement before becoming a Reiki “Master” of healer.
A word of caution about this popular energy healing technique: If you are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner it is suggested that you research your teacher first. I find it disappointing that in the western world abroad that a majority of Reiki teachers purporting to be “Masters” do not actively use the healing art at all, but merely learn the hand positions, receive their attunements, and teach the art in one to two day sessions, often charging participants high fees for attendance. I find this practice to be quite exploitive of such a loving healing art. Master Usui, if alive today would be most disappointed by such a dishonoring practice. Reiki is a Divine healing art devoid of ego. A Reiki teacher who works from ego is truly not a Master.

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Our Fourth Pick of Popular Energy Healing Techniques:
Therapeutic Touch
Therapeutic Touch is our fourth pick of the most popular energy healing techniques. Therapeutic Touch (TT) is a modern healing practice based on the conscious use of the hands to direct or modulate etheric energy around the auric body for therapeutic purposes. Based on principles of ancient Tibetan and Indian healing methods utilizing the chakra system, this practice was cumulated in the early 1970’s by healers Dora Kunz and Nurse Dolores Krieger.
TT is conducted on the premise that the physical body is an asymmetrical whole. In the beginning of the session the TT practitioner scans both sides of the body at the same time searching for bumps, depressions, cold spots, heat, pressure, etc., in the auric field. The practitioner never actually touches the client’s physical body, but instead runs their hands about two to three inches away from the body.
These bumps, depressions, etc. indicate the need to rebalance these areas. This is done by working head to toe on the areas the energy disturbances in the auric field were felt. The practitioner uses visualization to direct or modulate the flow of energy into the unbalanced areas. For example, if the TT practitioner feels the sensation of cold, she would visualize or recall the sensation of heat and send it to the client. The practitioner may also project colors in this way to the affected area on the client.
The TT practitioner may also disburse congested or scrambled energies felt in the auric layer through a process known as “unruffling” which is performed by brushing these energies downward and outward away from the body. The practitioner will reassess the auric body as needed through out the session and will use the process of “unruffling” to conclude the session.
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Our Fifth Pick of Popular Energy Healing Techniques:
Quantum Touch®
Quantum Touch our fifth pick of the most popular energy healing techniques. Quantum Touch is a technique author and energy practitioner Richard Gordon learned from a healer named Bob Rasmussen. Gordon continued to develop and refine its techniques into its current form.
Quantum Touch is a modern hands-on-healing technique that uses the principles of resonance and entrainment to help describe the mechanism of how healing occurs. Similar to the rhythmic healing patters found in Jing-Qi-Shen and Medical Qigong, Quantum Touch (QT) practitioners use specific breathing patterns to raise the energy vibration in their body (resonance). The practitioner continues to raise their vibration to its highest peak until the client’s vibration matches it. This is called entrainment. A simple way to demonstrate this process is through the use of a tuning fork and a guitar string. If a tuning fork is the key of E for example is struck, the vibration resonates in that particular key causing the guitar string to also vibrate (or entrain) in that same key.
QT practitioners sandwich the affected body part through direct touch, and with specific breathing techniques cause a resonate field of energy between their hands. They continue this breathing pattern building the energy in the affected area until they feel the energy begin to level out. The practitioner maintains constant verbal dialogue with the client moving the hands should discomfort or sensations move to a different part of the client’s body.
Advanced QT practitioners may also use visualization and work with the chakra system to help facilitate healing.
As with many of the popular energy healing techniques and modalities, QT stresses the importance of trusting in the body’s own innate ability to heal itself. Also, not unlike the other healing modalities presented, Gordon stresses that the QT practitioner is not the healer, but merely a vehicle to aid in the healing.

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Our Sixth Pick of Popular Energy Healing Techniques:
Medical Qi Gong
The sixth pick of the most popular energy healing techniques is Medical Qi Gong. Medical Qi Gong is an ancient healing technique that was systemized and streamlined in China By the time of the Shang Dynasty (16th to 11th centuries B.C.) it had developed into a fairly high level.
Medical Qi Gong is a powerfully effective healing system in terms of the techniques used to develop the energy reservoirs in the body (qi or chi), and expelling that energy into the client. There are three major qi resources used in this system: the lower dan tien (associated with sexuality and physical energy), the middle dan tien associated with the respiratory and internal organs), and the upper dan tien which holds the energy of spiritual consciousness and the brain).
This popular energy healing technique also weighs heavy in terms of its use of the energy pathways in the body; commonly called meridians.
Early in the practitioners training regimen a set of breathing and meditative movements are taught, each of which is designed o build, store, and emit qi.
During a treatment session the client’s body is energetically scanned and then the practitioner may either apply direct or indirect touch to the affected, area or keep the hand a few inches from the body. Energy is sent from the appropriate energy reservoir from the practitioner to the client. During the session the practitioner may also tap, push, or press specific areas on the body, and/or sweep areas of the auric body with their hands.
The length of the session is dependant upon how much energy the client is capable of receiving.

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Our Seventh Pick of Popular Energy Healing Techniques:
Hands-on Healing
Our seventh pick of the most popular energy healing techniques is Hands-on Healing. Hands-on Healing is modern spiritual healing technique as presented by Jack Angelo. In hands-on Healing the practitioner energetically scans the client’s energetic body for energy imbalances and deficiencies and will then either directly or indirectly touch the client’s body or keep them a few inches above the client to direct the flow of healing energy into the client. The healing energy originates from Source Consciousness from which all energy originates.
The healing theorem is that the things that occur on an emotional and mental level energetically affect the etheric body, which in turn, affects the physical body. Thus, during a healing session the practitioner assesses the client on all levels: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The practitioner will lead the client through the healing session working through each area so as to assist the client to get into touch with their body’s own innate wisdom in order to facilitate healing.
After the initial interview with the client the practitioner will then place his or her hands on the client’s shoulders in order to “attune” the client by linking the client on a Soul level, and asking the Soul to direct the healing process.

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Our Eighth Pick of Popular Energy Healing Techniques:
Jin Shin Jyutsu
Jin Shin Jyutsu is our eighth pick of the most popular energy healing techniques. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a modern healing art which uses a system of acupressure points on the body in order to stimulate bodily energy flows. Translated, Jin Shin Jyutsu means “Art of Creator through compassionate and knowing man.”
This popular energy healing technique is said to have its roots in ancient Japan and was rediscovered by Master Jiro Murai in the early 1900’s. Using his own knowledge of other healing systems including that of Chinese acupressure, Master Murai developed the system further. Master Murai taught this system to Mary Burmeister who brought it to the United States in the early 1950’s.
Like traditional Chinese acupuncture or acupressure, its purpose is to release tension in the body causing physical symptoms with the goal of restoring and harmonizing energy flows. The system uses meridian theory and states that these energy flows can become blocked in 26 “safety energy locks” which are located throughout the body and in the organs themselves.
A healing session begins with the practitioner listening to the client’s pulse in order to assess the current flow of energy. The pulse gives the practitioner a clue as to which specific energy points need to be held on the client’s body to restore energetic flow. The practitioner will then hold specific points in various combinations until pulsation and balance are established. There is no physical manipulation involved at all with this healing modality.

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Our Ninth Pick of Popular Energy Healing Techniques:
Hands of Light
Our ninth pick of the most popular energy healing techniques is Hands of Light. Hands of Light is a modern healing system which utilizes hands-on healing, visualization and intuitive skills to bring all layers of the human energy field into alignment. This energy healing system combines theories of Native American healing arts, core energetics, bioenergetic therapy, and the Chakra system.
Barbara Brennan, a former atmospheric physicist for NASA, combined this system of healing after she began to see energy fields around people’s bodies. Using healing theories listed above, she trained herself to learn to manipulate and direct her own energy fields in order to rebalance the energy field of her clients. Much of her healing information is said to have been channeled from her spirit guide Heyoan.
A typical healing session begins with the assessment of the aura and the chakras. Then the practitioner starts with a meditative process that is intended to align the energy systems of the client, the practitioner and spirit guides. The practitioner will then hold the client’s feet in order to scan up and down the body in order to notice any energy blocks.
Next the practitioner will work to clear the four inner layers of the aura by sending life force energy into the clients feet up through the body, cleanse the spine through use of a light massage, and then a cleansing of the specific areas where blockages were detected.
This popular energy healing technique also has specific methods used to cleanse and restructure organs in the body, and the chakra system. The session concludes after the practitioner seals the auric layers of the client.

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